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 Gold and silver bullion have hit new highs for the year over this past week, after being down slightly in the beginning of the year. The continuing stream of bad economic news, a weak dollar, 10% unemployment and the crisis in the Middle East has pushed demand for metals over the top. Retail demand for gold and silver remain at strong levels despite higher bullion prices. Premiums over spot on bullion are still above average. Generic gold coins in circulated to low mint state grades are climbing again with the rise in metals prices. Demand for truly rare coins is still strong. There is almost no availability of quality rare coins of low population, especially in the area of gold. While the general health of the economy is still in question and the lack of job creation is impacting any recovery, collectors who have been sitting on the sidelines are now venturing back in. Wholesale inflation is already here with the rise in gas and food prices and although Republicans have taken over the House and won a larger majority in the senate, very few pro-business policies have come out of Washington thus far. Even if budget spending is reinged in, inflation will still be the eventual outcome and is likely to appear within 12 months of any recovery. The only investment that won't get eroded in value during this time is precious metals. Public attendance at recent coin shows is way up as there is a general feeling that there is more safety in precious metals and rare coins than traditional investments like stocks and bonds. If you are looking to add to your position in bullion or coins, now is the time! Before the masses realize the impact of all the government spending. Feel free to call us (800) 748-2773 with any of your rare coin or bullion needs.


Last Updated 3/1/11

Market Segment

Market Strength




Strong in selected areas, however run of the mill coins are weak. Generic gold is red hot.

 Fresh coins and key dates remain strong. There is a lack of fresh material available for sale. Cash flow is still an issue. Generic gold is hot.

    Has cooled off a little but still selectively strong

Cool coins are still strong but buyers becoming pickier.


Prices are steady.

Proof gold is steady with few gem coins available for sale.


Prices are steady

Early gold is steady.


 Gold Type in circ to MS-63 is very strong with gold up close to $1150/oz

Mint state gold is red hot right now. Demand is outstripping available supply.

Rare date gold is very active especially CC and O-mint gold.

This is one of the strongest areas of the market with very high demand for $5 & $10 Indians in all grades. $20 Saints are strong as well.


Prices for proof type are rising while mint state type remains steady.

 Mint state silver type in high grades is surprisingly hard to find. Proof silver type is on the rise. Many consider this an undervalued area of the coin market.


 Still hot with prices increasing with each new auction results.

 Demand is super high for early copper as evidenced by the Husak collection's auction results. Gem Indian and Lincoln cents are also strong.


 Prices are steady

 Gem nickel coinage seems to be steady although this area of the market is a little lackluster compared to the rest of the market.


Prices are steady, although better O-mint dates are going for over the sheet prices. Gem MS-65 rare dates are still going very strong.

 Morgan dollars are definitely picking up right now with rare dates in gem condition beingl very strong.


 Prices are picking up for gem peace dollars. There seems to be more activity as of late.

 Peace dollars are waking up as of late, although there is a lack of gem quality rare date peace dollars available for sale.


 Prices are starting to rise overall with demand increasing in MS-65 and MS-66 grades.

 Finally showing signs of life. Silver commems are beginning to show strength in MS-65 and MS-66 grades. Look for this area to rise in value in the coming months


 Prices are steady

 Currently out of favor so they present a good value. These are starting to wake up and may start to rise soon.


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