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If you have coins to sell, let us know! Whether you have a single coin or an extensive collection, we are prepared to handle the transaction with fair, accurate pricing and immediate payment. Fill out the form below or call us toll free at (800) 748-2773.

We buy all grades of the following coins and bullion...

  • All U.S. gold coins and bullion coins (including any U.S. gold coin in any denomination. All gold American Eagles) 
  • All U.S. silver coins and bullion coins (including any U.S. silver coin minted before 1964. All silver American eagles)
  • All platinum American eagles.
  • All foreign silver, gold or platinum bullion coins or commemorative coins.
  • All U.S. war, buffalo, shield or liberty head nickels.
  • All U.S. Indian head pennies.
  • All Lincoln pennies minted before 1916
  • All early American silver, gold, copper or nickel coins. Any denomination coin minted before 1900.
  • All key date and rare date coins.
  • All U.S. mint, proof and prestige sets.
  • All U.S. commemorative coins.
  • All U.S. Pattern and Territorial coins.
  • All early American colonial coins.
  • All gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins, bars and ingots.
  • All 90% silver U.S. coins.
  • All 40% silver U.S. coins.
  • All large and small size United States paper money.
  • All gold and platinum jewelry.
  • All Rolex watches.
  • All Diamonds Half Carat size or larger.
  • All junk and scrap silver, gold and platinum.
  • Estate collections, including sterling silver sets.

    The normal procedure is to ship your coins to our office by registered/insured mail. Once we receive your coins, we will make you an offer within 24hrs of receipt. Many customers are surprised to find that the offers they receive are higher than the value ranges we gave over the phone. Sight-unseen offers are always lower than sight-seen offers, and for premium quality specimens, they are significantly lower than the true value of these coins. When dealing with experienced sight-seen buyers like Numismatic Assets, it is always to your advantage to send your coins to us before soliciting a final offer.

    If your collection is too valuable or bulky to ship to us via registered/insured mail, we will gladly travel to wherever you're located, view your entire collection and make you a generous cash offer on the spot. Our buyers can be anywhere in the country within 48 hours – and we will gladly work around your schedule.

    Numismatic Assets specializes in rare and key date coins, and we never hesitate to pay a premium to acquire special coins. We know the rare coin market like few others and we're confident our expertise enables us to pay you top dollar.

    Even if your collection doesn't contain any ultra-rarities, we're still anxious to purchase your collection. Most dealers don't want to buy everything in your collection. The typical result is you receiving a fair price for some pieces and virtually nothing for other items. At Numismatic Assets, we will buy your collection in its entirety, this includes any mix of certified coins, bulk silver, bullion-related items, currency and inexpensive collector coins -- and we make strong offers for every single item. Click here for our buy prices on the most commonly traded U.S. coins, bullion and foreign gold coins.

    Most importantly:

    • Our offers are always fair . . . .
    • Our payment is always fast . . . .                                  
    • Our checks are always good . . . . .              


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