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Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of coins does Numismatic Assets deal in?

Bullion coins such as the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf or South African Krugerrand which trade according to the current spot price of their metallic content. Rare (numismatic) coins also have precious metal value, but it is relatively small compared to their greater worth, which is based on scarcity, demand, and quality. Although we feel all precious metals can provide a hedge against inflation and should be a part of every investment portfolio, it should be noted that historically, numismatic coinage has appreciated at a greater rate than bullion material - and it seems this long-term trend is likely to continue. Remember, unlike bullion-coins, numismatic coins cannot be mined or manufactured, so the supply continues to diminish, while long-term demand should increase. Numismatic Assets deals in all U.S. coinage from 1792-1955.


How much should I invest in rare coins/bullion?

Rare coins and Bullion should make up 10-15% of your core holdings. While rare coins and bullion are a hedge against inflation and a great diversification tool, it is ultimately up to you to decide what percentage of your assets you devote to this area. The most important rule however, is to only buy coins that have been graded, authenticated and certified by either PCGS or NGC.


How do I know when to sell my rare coins?

The rare coin market is cyclical in nature, like all markets, however generally speaking; rare coins are a long term investment (3-5 years or more). It is important to have holding power in order to take advantage of these cyclic swings. Rare coins are also capable of dramatic short term increases in value (50% or more in less than 6 months). Since rare coins are a classic supply/demand market it only takes small amounts of capital (by Wall Street standards) to dramatically affect this market.


How do I store my rare coins?

Certified rare coins are very compact in size. Therefore, storage in a bank safety deposit box is convenient for even a large ($1 million plus collection). More importantly, you always maintain possession of your coins.


Do you accept trades?

Yes to both questions! We accept all bullion and numismatic coins in trade (certified or raw). Since we only buy coins sight-seen, they must first be shipped to us to determine an accurate value. However we can give you a pretty close value range on most certified coins (PCGS and NGC only). We make all offers within 24hrs of receipt of your package. If for some reason, we cannot agree on a trade value, your package is sent back to you at our expense.


Do you have a lay-away program or have a monthly acquisition plan?

Yes to both questions! We offer layaway's on all coins over $1000. Please call or email for specifics. We also have a monthly acquisition program for those who are building a registry set or collection.


Once I place an order online, how long will it take to receive it?

We turn orders around within 24 business hours. For example, orders placed on Friday will be shipped the following Monday (or non-holiday business day). Orders placed on Monday will be shipped on Tuesday, etc. Express mail orders are shipped Monday through Thursday. Registered mail typically takes 3-7 business days to be delivered.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept checks (personal, business, or cashiers) bank wires and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). We also accept Paypal.

I hear stories about internet stores being hacked. Is your site secure?

Absolutely! We have our website tested daily by McAfee Secure. The Internet leader in hack-proof website technology.


McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams

Where do I send the check?                      

Please remit checks to:

Numismatic Assets Inc.
900 Walt Whitman Rd, Ste 105
Melville, NY 11747

Once the check is received, the order will be shipped within 7 business days.


Can I place an order and call my credit card number into your office?

Yes. Should you decide you would rather not use PayPal, you may call our office (800)748-2773 between the hours of 11am-7pm E.S.T. When filling out the order forms on this website simply mark the "Please contact me to obtain my credit card information" button during the ordering process, and we will call you within 24 hours of receipt.


How do you ship?

We ship via Registered and Insured mail (USPS), Priority U.S. mail, USPS Express mail or FedEx. For orders under $1000 there is a $10 shipping charge. For orders over $1000 the shipping charge is $16. We ship Registered and Insured packages Monday-Friday.


Will you FedEx or Express Mail my order and is there any extra charge for that service?

Yes, if you need overnight shipping, we can ship by either Fed-Ex or USPS express mail, please call us for details.


Still have a question that has not been addressed?

Either give us a call at (800)748-2773 or send us an email


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