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Registry Sets Explained

Building collections of United States coins can be rewarding and very pleasurable. In recent years PCGS and NGC have instituted a Registry Set Program so that collectors could display and rank their sets against many of the finest ever assembled. Sets can be formed based on average grade, rarity or other factors. In addition to this, registry sets will often sell for higher prices upon resale.  Participating in the PCGS Set Registry program or the NGC Collector’s Society Registry can also be a lot of fun. In addition to the enjoyment of comparing your coins to the greatest sets of all time, you also receive the following benefits:

1. Recognition for your coins:  If your coins are in the top five best sets, your collection will be listed on the first page of the Set Registry; And, if you desire, your name will be listed in the Set Registry for all to see. You have three options in listing the name of your collection: you can use your full name, you can use your initials, or you can simply be an anonymous collector. Also note that while they list the average grade of your set, PCGS and NGC will not list the grades of the individual coins unless you give them your permission to do so. You can also upload photos and descriptions of your set for all to see. Your set is ranked according to its overall rarity based on a number of factors including a coin’s grade, rarity and population information.

2. Allows you to focus on set building.

Compare your collection to hundreds of others who share your same passion.

. All Time Finest Sets:  Should you sell your collection, you can choose to remain in the All Time Finest category if your set is at least 90% complete.(There are exceptions to the 90% rule if the set is extremely rare.)

A valuable pedigree:  In the rare coin market a pedigree is a contributing factor in the pride of ownership and value of the coin. Coins from famous collections such as Eliasberg, Norweb, Garrett, etc., usually command a premium in the marketplace. If you participate in the PCGS or NGC Set Registry program your set may qualify for the free pedigree service.

Enjoy the safety of an inventory list on the internet for insurance purposes.

The PCGS and NGC Registry Set Programs are free to join.


The basic difference between the PCGS and NGC registry program is that PCGS only accepts PCGS certified coins into their registry program, while NGC accepts either PCGS or NGC certified coins. As one of our many services, Numismatic Assets offers you a personal portal to either the popular PCGS Set Registry or NGC Collectors Society Registry Programs. In addition to being free to join, Numismatic Assets also offers special benefits to all that join either registry program through us including; special discounts on purchases, discounts on grading fees, as well as priority status on coins needed for that individual’s particular registry set. Click below to sign up. Its confidential and its free!




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