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  • Nominate a Numismatic Ambassador today

    It is time to nominate worthy candidates for the next class of Numismatic Ambassador Awards. This award seeks to recognize the many hobby individuals who strive to make organized numismatics a better place through their efforts as volunteers, writers, lecturers, exhibitors and as members of their local “get it done” committee.

    The Numismatic Ambassador Award was given first in 1974 to a longtime California collector named Charlie Colver. It has been hard to think of organized numismatics in the Golden State without his name popping up. But he was just the first…

    Full Article: Nominate a Numismatic Ambassador today - Numismatic News

  • Austrian Gold Coin for Theodor Billroth

    On 11th February, 2009, the Austrian Mint honours one of the greatest men in the history of medicine with its third gold coin in the series “Celebrated Physicians of Austria” - Theodor Billroth.

    Austrian 2009 Theodor Billroth Gold Coin (Austrian Mint image)

    Born on the island of Rügen off the Baltic coast of Germany in 1829, Theodor Billroth had to choose at an early age between his love of music and a career in medicine. He studied in Göttingen and Berlin, and even spent a year studying in Vienna. He gained experience in Berlin and his reputation grew so rapidly that in 1860 he went to Zurich as a professor of surgery. In the following years he rejected posts in both Rostock and Heidelberg, but accepted a teaching appointment in Vienna in 1867…

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  • 1859-O Dollar Produced on Eve of Civil War

    Some coins are pretty straightforward. Others seem to raise a lot of questions, and the 1859-0 Seated Liberty dollar is one of those coins. The 1859-0 Seated Liberty dollar was produced on the eve of a great national crisis.

    Something like the Civil War does not simply happen in early 1861. No, it was a storm whose clouds had been gathering for years, and by 1859 many knew the tragedy was very close to impossible to stop. In 1859 the New Orleans Mint made an extraordinary number of silver dollars, with a total mintage of …

    Full Article: 1859-O Dollar Produced on Eve of Civil War - NumisMaster

  • Mint Stats: Ultra High Relief Gold Finds Spot on Page

    The 2009 Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens $20 gold piece debuts on this page at right. Most noticeable is how little sales have risen since more than 40,000 were snapped up in the first four days of sales.

    Full Article: Mint Stats: Ultra High Relief Gold Finds Spot on Page

  • 2009 Quarter Images Unveiled

    2009 Quarter Images (United States Mint images)The United States Mint has unveiled proof 2009 quarter images depicting the themes honoring the District of Columbia and the five United States territories — D.C., Guam, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands.

    The high resolution quarter images were not available when the 2009 Quarters Proof Set was issued in Jan., and offer an excellent presentation for how the circulating quarters will look.

    The Mint is already offering DC quarters in rolls and bags. The five other quarters will enter circulation in equal intervals spread throughout 2009.

    Full Article: 2009 Quarter Images Unveiled - Coin News

  • ID House pitches collector coin sales as roads fix

    House lawmakers answered Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter’s transportation funding salvo this week with ideas of their own, including a bill seeking to peddle specially minted gold coins to fund asphalt repairs and a scheme that would turn Idaho into a national license plate haven for long-haul trailers.

    The proposals on Thursday came two days after Otter introduced bills aimed at raising a total of $174 million annually after five years of gradual increases, including a measure…

    Full Article:  ID House pitches collector coin sales as roads fix - The Olympian

  • Rare Roman coins a ‘find of a lifetime’

    A METAL detector who dug up an invaluable hoard of Roman coins in a South Devon field has been told: “You can’t keep them.” The 243 coins were thought to have been stashed away by Roman Britons more than 1,500 years ago just as the Empire was on the verge of collapse.

    Newton Abbot metal detector enthusiast Geoff Fox, 38, and his friend Shaun Pitts discovered the haul of copper coins in woodland in Denbury and then took them to Exeter Museum on the bus.

    Full Article: Rare Roman coins a ‘find of a lifetime’ - Herald Express

  • Redesigned One-Cent Coin Launched at Lincoln’s Birthplace on February 12

    Reverse side of 1st 2009 Lincoln CentThe United States Mint will present to the Nation the first redesigned one-cent coin (penny) in 50 years at 10 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) on February 12, at the National Park Service’s Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site, in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

    The event-held on the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth-includes a coin exchange where the public can exchange their currency for pennies bearing the new design.  The media and the public are invited to attend the free event, hosted by the Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.

    The United States Mint is mandated by Title III of Public Law 109-145-the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005-to put into circulation a series of four different pennies in recognition of the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth and the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln cent.(...)
    Read the rest of Redesigned One-Cent Coin Launched at Lincoln’s Birthplace on February 12 (221 words)

  • Should Theodore Roosevelt replace George Washington on Quarters?

    President Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir on Glacier PointConsider replacing George Washington’s portrait on U.S. quarters with an image of Theodore Roosevelt, members of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) unanimously recommended in their Jan. 27 meeting, according to Numismatic News.

    Information about the National Park Quarters has been minimal, as should be expected for much of 2009 given the United States Mint will not begin issuing the quarters until 2010.

    However, the first five quarter designs will be completed this year in preparation for their release next year. And the CCAC, which advises the Secretary of the Treasury on designs for coinage, has already made their first recommendation for the series.

    Full Article:  Roosevelt replace Washington on Quarters? - National Park Quarters

  • Mint Cuts Return Period to 7 Days

    The United States Mint is shortening its standard money-back Return Policy from 30 days to 7 days effective Tuesday, Feb. 10, at 8:00 a.m. ET. The mini-notice, shown below, is currently posted on the Mint’s online shopping entry page.

    Mint Return Notice
    The existing 30-day policy has been around for years. The new 7-day return period is not unexpected, however, considering the Mint now updates numismatic gold and platinum coin prices based on weekly London Fix bullion averages.

    Full Article: Mint Cuts Return Period to 7 Days - Coin News

  • Some Thoughts on Proof Bust Silver Coinage: Part One - Half Dimes and Dimes

    Proof gold coinage has been called the “caviar of numismatics” - and with good reason. Everyone loves a nice Proof gold coin and there is no denying the rarity of these issues. But compared to Proof Bust silver coins, most Proof gold is common. I would contend that Proof Bust silver coinage is one of the most fascinating—and undervalued—areas in all of numismatics.

    The earliest known Proof silver coins (at least those that are universally regarded as having been unquestionably struck as Proofs) date to around 1820. From the early part of the 1820’s until 1837 (when the Capped Bust design was replaced), Proof silver coins were struck in limited quantities.

    Full Article: Some Thoughts on Proof Bust Silver Coinage: Part One - Half Dimes and Dimes - CoinLink

  • Concord merchants launch common-cents revolution

    Half Lincoln centFollowing in the footsteps of the town’s historic Minutemen, the owner of a Concord bakery is leading her own revolution of sorts - against pennies.

    Not only are the copper-coated zinc coins heavy and time consuming to work with, they are also nearly worthless, says Judy Fersch, owner of Concord Teacakes. According to the US Mint, it costs 1.4 cents to make and distribute each penny.

    Full Article: Concord merchants launch common-cents revolution - The Boston Globe

  • Long Beach Signature® Auction Realizes $13 Million for Heritage

    1861 S Paquet LlibertyGold rarities in all denominations led prices realized in Heritage’s Official Auction of the February 2009 Long Beach Coin Expo. Some 6500 lots from 280 consignors were included in the auction, presented by Heritage Auction Galleries. The auction took place Feb. 5-8, 2009 in Long Beach, Calif.

    Prices Realized have been posted by Heritage Auction Galleries on its Web site at www.HA.com. The totals are expected to increase substantially as Post Auction Buys and the non-floor session continues.

    “Long Beach was especially rich in gold rarities, across all series,” said Heritage President Greg Rohan. “Exceptional coins were contributed by our anchors, many of Registry quality. The Grand Lake Collection was especially rich in gold pre-Civil War issues – especially the coins of Dahlonega and Charlotte.

    The four-generation Pasadena Collection started with a box of coins set aside by the owner of a general store in Pennsylvania. Part One of the Ed Lepordo Collection featured a complete type set (1793–to-date), impressive Large cents, and other series from two dozen NGC Registry sets. Additional selections from The Jack Lee Estate Collection were also included.”

    Full Article: Long Beach Signature® Auction Realizes $13 Million for Heritage

  • New Import Restrictions on Chinese Coins

    Chinese Coins - AncientPublished on the Federal Register and brought to light through the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild (ACCG), new U.S. import restrictions have been imposed on many ancient Chinese coins and other artifacts.

    The Federal Register, which is the official source for notices by government agencies, published the State Department’s final rule that amends U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulations to impose import restrictions on the following Chinese coins:

    Full Article: New Import Restrictions on Chinese Coins - Coin News

  • Busy Week Ahead for the U.S. Mint

    It will be a very busy week for the U.S. Mint in the next seven days, with three coin releases coming up. Two of them are very high-profile coins, including the first of the new Lincoln Cent designs, (the Log Cabin Penny), and the Lincoln Commemorative Dollar.

    The third coin, launching on Feb. 16 (Presidents Day) is the William Henry Harrison Presidential Dollar. Both Lincoln coins officially go on sale tomorrow, (Thursday) Feb. 12, but as of right now, the only one that you will be able to buy on the Mint’s Web site is the Lincoln Commemorative - assuming you can snag one before they sell out!

    Full Article: Busy Week Ahead for the U.S. Mint - Susan’s Coins Blog

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