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Introduction to Coin Collecting - Getting Started

There are an estimated 7-10 million coin collectors in this country and many more worldwide. Although there are countless ways to go about starting your collection, there are two rules you should always follow. Buy rarity and Buy quality.  It's too easy to get caught up buying generic coins that are mass marketed by certain companies. The truth is, those coins are subject to promotion and are not scarce enough to have a fundamental reason to rise in value. The coins truly worth buying are only available in small quantities and therefore cannot be promoted. Next, you should specialize. Formulate a strategy, build a set, either by type or entire series and then get educated by working with a knowledgeable dealer, like Numismatic Assets. Buy the book before you buy the coin. Then expect to accumulate coins carefully over a period of years. This is a long term holding, but careful and determined deliberation will produce positive results.

Set Building Strategies

Throughout history, many coin collections have produced substantial long-term profits for their owners, a fact which has not escaped the attention of investors. While collectors view their coins as numismatic art and historical remnants of the cultural and economic forces that created them, investor interest is prompted by the fact that U.S. rare coins of proven rarity have shown high rates of appreciation.

The Collectors’ Advantage

Savvy investors soon noticed that collectors enjoy the greatest investment returns. Why? Because collectors buy their coins according to a plan. Therefore, coin collecting can become more of an investment strategy than a hobby. The other reality is, that many collectors put a substantial amount into their collection thereby making them an investment by default. Collectors have earned their profits by carefully identifying the coins they need to complete their collections and acquiring them in the optimal grade. If history is any indication, the best way to invest in rare coins is to use the same methods that collectors use.

A well-designed set is often worth more than the sum of its parts.

Such sets are often more liquid than the accumulation of unrelated coins. These two factors alone make set building perhaps the most powerful coin investing strategy. Set building is not only more profitable in the long-term, it is also less expensive and less complex than most people think. Because cost is a function of rarity and condition, everyone can determine his or her own investment allocation by deciding in advance which coins and grades to pursue. The secret is to obtain the key date coins in the set/series in the highest grade you can afford while obtaining the less important coins in the optimal grade to price/value ratio.

Numismatic Assets, Inc. can help

Over the last 22 years, Numismatic Assets, Inc. has assisted many investors and collectors in constructing investment grade sets of rare U.S. coins. We can help you get started:

  • Work with you to select one or two areas of suitable opportunities
  • Help you develop your set building strategy
  • Construct a "want-list" custom-fitted to your goals (with your approval)
  • Assist you in finding the right coins at the right prices
  • Contact you as soon as the coins are located

You are never under any obligation to purchase and no coins are sent without your prior approval. Using Numismatic Assets, Inc. as your primary source for set building gives you total control over your acquisitions.

Get started today!  Call Toll-Free 1-800-748-2773



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