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Coin Buying in This Market

The current climate of the rare coin market can be confusing to the beginning collector or investor. Many series of coins have already appreciated substantially over the last 5 years. Knowing what area in coins still holds promise can be a daunting task. Here at Numismatic Assets we strive to help you make those choices with the benefit of our extensive market knowledge. For example, high dollar rarities are still in strong demand despite being at record levels. This does not mean that they are a bad value per se, as market trends continue towards rarity and quality, however some of these areas now hold more risk than future reward. Carefully selecting not only the right particular coins but the right series of coins is extremely important to maximize value. One of the areas of numismatics that holds great promise is MS-65 and higher graded generic U.S. gold. This is due to the present upward trend of gold bullion of course, but more importantly, this is also a segment of the coin market that has not appreciated as much as other areas. Added to that is the great desirability of U.S. gold coins and the amount of collector/investors that collect and build type sets along with the very thin supply of these coins give this segment very good future potential. Carson City and New Orleans dated gold coins in uncirculated grades also hold a lot of promise due to their rarity, desirability and relatively low prices. Having this kind of specific market knowledge is crucial to maximizing your dollar value in today's complicated marketplace. Whether your area of interest is copper, Morgan silver dollars or type feel free to call us to discuss your specific goals or needs. 


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